Our Services

Our Services

Our “why” we do business the way we do.

At Advantage Mechanical, we understand that our industry is uniquely positioned to positively impact our customer’s operations, thereby positively impacting their customer’s experiences. Whether it is in a retail grocery store setting, distribution facility, or cold storage plant, we understand that if our customer’s equipment provides highly dependable and efficient operation, their ability to produce high-quality products and services will be augmented. We know that in every service we provide, there is an opportunity to create a positive impact on our customer’s business and the lives of their customers. We take responsibility for this opportunity and make every effort to deliver on it whenever we are privileged to provide our services.


Our How

Commercial HVAC Installation

Advantage Mechanical invests the time necessary to ensure all factors are accounted for to ensure the customer’s needs are clearly understood, and the desired results are delivered. Whether it’s a 1.5-ton mini split or a 300-ton chiller, precision and execution of design and implementation are vital to capture all benefits of our customer’s investments. Accounting for all needs from load calculations, proper airflow engineering, ventilation and humidification, and dehumidification needs is critical to system design. A quality installation is fundamental in facilitating long-lasting, dependable operation that delivers peace of mind to our customers—knowing that their equipment will consistently provide the needed results to assure customer satisfaction.


Commercial HVAC Service

Our customer’s time and energy should be spent on their business and their customers, not on the reliability of their HVAC equipment. At Advantage Mechanical, we understand that we are uniquely positioned to positively impact our customer’s businesses and the quality of their customer experience. Our technicians are trained to diagnose and analyze the entire system to make sure they find the root of the issues and address them as cost-effectively as possible. At the same time, they account for any system optimization that can be gained to help our customers gain as much value from their equipment as possible. Diagnostic accuracy, efficient issue resolution and longevity of repairs help keep our customer’s time and energy where it makes the most difference to their business.


Commercial HVAC Preventive

Preventive maintenance is key to protecting the investments our customers make on the initial installation and continued service of their equipment. Our preventive maintenance services not only address the routine checks and routine maintenance needed to ensure the operational life of the equipment, but it is also highly analytical. Data is collected and analyzed to provide predicative service to mitigate and or eliminate future issues with the equipment. Identifying and addressing issues before they become costly repairs and or interruptions to our customers business operation.

Commercial Refrigeration Installation

To deliver high quality installation services, we take the time to understand our customers desired results. We understand that they are not just making an investment in the equipment but what that equipment can do for their business. System design, precise installation and perfectly executed implementation is crucial to delivering our customers desired results. From self-contained cases to Refrigeration rack systems Advantage Mechanical takes the same approach to ensure we deliver customer satisfaction.


Commercial Refrigeration Services

There when you need us. At Advantage Mechanical we understand that from time-to-time equipment wear and tear occurs, and reactive services are needed. Ideally a great service company is one you see very little of due to the thoroughness of their services, the accuracy of their diagnostics and effectiveness of their repairs. That is why when in a service situation we take the time to provide highly analytical predictive services to address any other issues that are present that could result in reactive services being needed. Our intent is to service your equipment so effectively that you rarely need our reactive services. In the case our customers do need our emergency services we are always at the ready, there when you need us.


Commercial Refrigeration Preventive

Protecting your investment is important to us at Advantage Mechanical, that’s why we offer routine refrigeration preventive services tailored to your facilities. Our preventive maintenance programs not only provide opportunities to prevent future issues but also allow us to simultaneously collect data that we can analyze and determine if any predictive measures can be taken to further deliver value to our customers.


EMS Installation

As our industry continues to evolve Building Management Systems continue to provide our customers with new opportunities to capture additional value form their HVAC and Refrigeration assets as well as lighting, leak detection, and other auxiliary systems. From CPC to Danfoss our team is highly adept at installation, set up and integration of all systems for efficient, cost saving control through BMS.


EMS Optimization

At Advantage Mechanical we believe in maximizing the benefits our customers gain from their equipment. Optimization of physical assets is a great way of capturing added value from the investments you have already made in your equipment. Energy reduction, operational cost reductions and refrigerant loss prevention are a few examples of major cost savings that can be gained from BMS optimization. Our optimization team is highly skilled at surveying and accounting for all opportunities to provide cost savings to our customers.