Commercial Air Conditioning



At Advantage Mechanical, our technicians are trained to diagnose and analyze the entire system, find the root causes of malfunctions, and address them cost-effectively. They’ll ensure that the result is a system performing at peak efficiency. Diagnostic accuracy, efficient problem resolution, and longevity of repairs help keep our customers’ time and energy focused on their businesses.


Advantage Mechanical invests the time and resources necessary to understand each customer’s unique requirements fully. Whether it’s a 1.5-ton mini split or a 300-ton chiller, careful design and precise installation are vital for optimizing our customer’s investment. We’ll perform load calculations, proper airflow and ventilation engineering, and factor in humidification/dehumidification needs. All of these are critical to system design. Our team will perform a quality installation to ensure your system delivers dependable operation with maximum performance.  We want our customers to have the peace of mind that comes from knowing their equipment is performing at a level that leads to happy employees and satisfied customers.


Preventive maintenance is the key to ensuring optimal, uninterrupted service from your equipment. The goal is to prevent equipment malfunctions (or complete breakdowns) so that losses to merchandise and revenue can be mitigated or eliminated. Our preventive maintenance services don’t end with routine checks and maintenance. We can also make more in-depth analyses of the condition and remaining operational life of the various components within your system. Providing information on where and when failures may occur allows business owners more time to plan for orderly replacements/upgrades rather than ending up in a crisis mode which could ultimately be more costly.